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Claire & Stretch - her KWPN young eventer

Terrie Cross - Officially An Inspiration!


We're very proud to announce that Terrie Cross has been awarded 'Ariat Inspiration of the Month' in the national Horse & Rider Magazine.


To achieve this, Terrie was nominated by long-standing client Claire Hubbard. Here is Claire's detailed nomination, that prompted the Horse & Rider editors to select Terrie to be recognised in this way - we don't need to say anymore.


Thanks Claire and well done Terrie!



I would like to nominate Terrie Cross ( of the Croft Equestrian Centre in Padworth Common, Berkshire.


Terrie owns and runs the Croft and is a keen dressage rider, actually more of a fanatic and has been for many years. Terrie tirelessly runs her yard with great precision, it is a very lucky horse indeed who lands there. She watches over all her charges with the same care and concern that she does her own. Going way beyond the call of duty for all her owners, she keeps an air of friendly camaraderie around the yard, it is one of the very few yards where everyone without exception gets on and all of us are delightfully mad, in a horsey way.  


Her real talent is in teaching, all she asks is that you care and will do your homework. I started my lessons about 18 months ago with a very tricky thoroughbred and latterly with a very large young KWPN, she laughs at my choice of horses, telling me how I could of got something easier for her and for me. Joking over she is committed and dedicated to make me and my horse the best we can possibly be and it’s working.


She works with real novices and up, always encouraging, always praising but always being honest, the fact that she tells you the truth really helps you to sort yourself out, do your schooling and will yourself to do better the next time. I have had lessons for years but never really learnt to “feel” my horse, she constantly asks questions, what did that feel like, what did you do to make the horse change, how could you make that better, always making sure that you are learning from every second.


She got kicked on the knee by a horse that had got cast last year, having to have an operation that meant putting no weight on her leg for months. Did that stop her? Not at all, she was giving lessons within days sat in the freezing cold with rugs and hot water bottles to keep her warm, her trusty microphone around her head making sure we kept growing and learning.  


She has even put two teams for Team Quest together encouraging us to get out and do it, even taking us there in her own time and at her own cost. Awesome!!


Even when she is competing she has a lorry load with her, making sure that her charges both human and horse, are warmed up, boots off and ready for the arena, wherever possible she will watch – even at her own expense by not having enough warm up time for her own competition.


She is a star and it would be great for her to recognised, she may not have the fame of Carl and Charlotte, she rides at PSG level and is an awesome role model for us at grass roots level looking to progress.


Very much hoping that you can recognise Terrie for all her hard work.



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